The thrill. The Call. and The Tool.

It is not for the brave or the thrill seekers it is for the faithful. It is not for the brave it is for the trusted. It is not for the adventuresome it is for those who realize the amazing gift they have been given. I have back ridden on motors up mountains past where the pavement ends, I have crossed rivers, and climbed mountains just to get to church. I have told the devil to shut up in Jesus name. Preached against drunkenness to the drunks. Does this make me brave? By no means. I am obedient but I am not brave. I do not seek adventure for the sake of entertainment. I do not seek thrills for excitement. I look for the path marked with God's way. I listen for His voice saying, "This is the way you should go." And with every step I pray, "God it's me and You. Just me and You." 
Some call it a Macedonian Call and some a special calling - I call it living by faith and walking step by step. It is about listening to God and obeying. The drama of the call is only icing on the cake; it doesn't make the cake. So you do not have some clear cut call to live a life of sacrifice; read the Bible. A grand calling may come to some but it in no way disqualifies the rest from service. 
One man's small sacrifice does not deserve much praise from another man. You think you can out give God? Man does nothing for God; man is used by God to fulfill His will. So, go ahead and knock those missionaries off the pedestals you have made for them. We are but tools in the gardener's hand. Give God His praise. Give as He leads. Support as He guides. Obey as He commands.

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