Wrong Question. and Prayer for home.

Perhaps the most simple truth of missions is that our biggest problem with it is how we approach it. We say "if" when we should ask "where?" and we pretend that the only places that need missionaries are far off somewhere in the boonies. God is calling you somewhere to do something... the question is not if or where. The question is do you trust Him enough to follow? Whether that means across the street or across an ocean the step of obedience requires a great faith. 
Missionaries should be praying faithfully for those back at home. Do not wait for a disaster to pray for home. Pray now. How many supporters do you have? You have an equal amount of prayer requests. So what if your work is more exciting than what's going on back at home. Do you think He just blandly says, "Oh just another American." He rejoices in each soul, and in truth we should be earnestly praying and pleading on our knees that God will continue to call out missionaries from back at home. My point is simple: We are all on the same team... let us act like it!

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