Learned. From a book.

     Today is Tuesday. Which for me lately has meant about 8 guys come over and we read a book and eat some dessert. (Consequently it has given me a reason to bake something, which here is quite impressive as most people do not own an oven and are easily impressed with baked goods.) 
    The Book Club read a section today about a missionary named Henry Martyn. Lessons from God are surprising, sometimes. And today, I was surprised. We read the book. I asked my questions. And it hit me. 

     The answers to my questions, as simple as gets is this:
Love. Humilty. And, of course, faith.   
        So, there I set, surrounded by 8 seminarians; and I am quite aware of how easy it is to catch the I-know-more-about-the-Bible-than-you-do bug. (Come on, it's not just seminarians. You might have even caught it too.)  
      Martyn showed people he loved them with the humility of Christ. The book notes that he was as comfortable with the highest government official as he was the lowest of beggars. Funny isn't it? Being like Jesus is the best way to show love. So that basically sums up my first two questions. Love through service. Humility in the service.
     And, now for another surprise from God. Page 46, "Because  he was not afraid of death, he was not afraid of men. He was free to be a friend, speak the truth, and let God worry about his future, whether he lived or died." Faith.  Faith is freeing. It is not something that ties us down to service, it is what breaks the bondage of sin. Faith is what teaches us to love and helps us to be humble enough to show that love to others. 
Humility. Love. Faith.That is the testimony of Henry Martyn.  
     And I gotta admit. It ain't a bad one. May my life be as such... 
Humility that sees the value of each sinner. Love that changes life. Faith that frees from the worries of this world. 

PS- If you are looking for a good read for mission education this is pretty good stuff.  It gives good sum ups of the history of missions and gives convicting challenges for the Christians of today.

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  1. I love that last quote. Definitely something to remember.


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