Save the World

This  weekend Amic, pictured with me in the top left picture were the speakers on Friday for the Missions Emphasis Week at SPBTS (aka seminary where I teach).
I like visuals. I don't so much like talking in front of people. So one of my favorite things to do when given the chance is to play a game that I call, "Save the World." (I think I have blogged about this game before, but I can't remember and am too lazy to check, but stay with me cause I learned something new! BTW did not make up this game just adapted to my needs as a missions mobilizer.)

The breakdown of the game is this. 
     +You break everyone up into groups of 4 and 5. 
     + Give each group a piece of paper with a country or people group on it and some quick facts from somewhere like Joshua Project.
     +Have one volunteer already picked out, and have taught her the "Gospel" - meaning a condensed version of the Gospel covering creation, fall, Jesus, and salvation. (Complete with hand motions.)
      +That one volunteer must then start by picking any of the 'unreached' countries and teaching them the "Gospel." When everyone can do the country votes and sends out their own missionary.
      +The game ends when the whole world has been saved. (Hence the name.)
      +While the missionaries are trying to save the world. A certain number of people are made aware that they were killed before the "Gospel" came to their country.

Then, like all good educational games you have to talk about it. How did you feel? What did you learn? How can we apply what we learned from this game to our lives? That sort of ooey gooey learning goodness. 

This was the first time that I ahem...killed people off. (There is just not a nice way to say that.) The shock and regret of my victims was sort of surprising to me. I mean, it is just a game. And it is a fact of life that people die everyday. Many without knowledge of the saving truth of the Gospel.

But see that is the thing, we are human and humans forget. So, when we are reminded even if by a silly game of "Save the World" it sort of shocks us from our comfort zones.

But the truth remains. People are dying with no hope of salvation while we sit pretty in a pew. 

So here is my challenge, just for you. 

Ask yourself: Whether it be through financial giving, prayer support, or actual going- ask yourself am I acting in obedience to the Great Commission? 

Are you a part of what God is doing? Or are you living apart from His will?

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