The way. Home.

I thought you might like to see... what I see...so here are some snapshots from my day, on the way home.
Incase you are curious here is what the pictures are of -from the top left to right and all the way down.
1: Jeepney Drayber. Aka, the driver of the jeepney. If you look closely you can see that he has the paper money he has earned folded in his fingers.
2: Jeepney SignsThese signs are how you know where the jeepney is headed. I was once in a jeepney whose signs kept falling down. Finally the driver pulled over. A man appeared with a lot of suction cup sign holder thingies all over his face. The driver gave him some money, the man pulled a couple off his face and the signs did not fall down again. It was a weird moment.
3: Crossing the Street. I took this one from inside a jeepney. The family was literally in the middle of the road with cars whizzing past them on both sides. Telling, crossing the street here is real life frogger!
4: Minute BurgerThis is a favorite for snack time. I personally don't think they are actually made with meat. They have cucumbers on them instead of pickles. And are not so bad.
5: Loading up the Jeepney. People get out, people get in. Sometimes jeepneys have conductors. Sometimes conductors are your friends they help you know which jeepneys to get on (which route will take you where you want to go) other times they are your enemy insisting that you get on an already full jeepney. (A conductor is someone who yells where you the jeepney is going and assists people on and off, they also are who you pay.)
6: Puan Crossing. This is just a picture of my corner. I live in Puan. Pronounced, Pooh-on. Go ahead and giggle. It makes me laugh still and I have lived here a year now.
7: Neighborhood Beauty Salon. Need a haircut? Come on down!
8: Coke in a Bag. This is where I go to buy my coke. They come in small bottles, called "sakto." (Which means correct or right. And is the perfect size for coke.) You can ask for the drink to be in cellophane (a bag) and there you have it...a drink for on the go.
9: Ukay-ukay. It's a thrift shop. Where people buy clothes. (And I have been told it is a good place to go if you are big because the clothing is mostly from America...and in general Americans are big.)
10: Student friend. Aka as my hero. This is the poor guy who was outside of my house when I flew out in a speechless fury when my mouse traps worked faster than I thought they would. He took them far away and laughed at my silliness.
11: Seminary Sign. This is the sign of the seminary where I teach.
12: My House. The End. (The white doors are to my house. The top floor is the boys dorm.)

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  1. Ah, these collages are so awesome! I like the beauty salon sign


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