Happy Birthday Gramps!

My sweet old Gramps has a birthday, and I am told he is 87. Honestly I lost track of the years a long time ago. :) In my head, Grampa you are always 70ish. In honor of this grand occasion, I decided to celebrate with 7 reasons why I love you and am so very glad you are mine. (87 seemed a bit much.)

1. Umm, look at him! He is handsome out the wazoo! No wonder Barbie fell in love with him.

 2. I am proud of the fact that he fought for our country and defended freedom. But more so, I am so thankful to God that He let you come home. Grampa, your life has been a gift from God, you lived through the war, you came home, and you built a family. I am proud to be your grandchild, and so thankful to be part of your family.

3. You and Barbie pray with expectation not just that God is listening but that He is going to answer, and give, and move. Thank you for that example, you have often challenged my own prayer life.

4. While on the matter of prayer, I remember sitting with you on the long gone waterbed and praying for missionaries. You two are an example of faithful prayer warriors. Because of you guys, I never doubt that I am bring prayed for. Thank you for that confidence, and thank you for that example.

5. After a million years of marriage, you still love your wife. I love that. And, I so appreciate the example.

6. This might be silly, but I love how excited you get to see me. The way you say my name. And the way you make sure I know that you love me. Thank you for making me feel loved, it does a girl good to be reminded. 

7. I love that when I gave you a rather large picture of me kissing you, that it was hung on the wall. I am not sure if it is still there, but it made me proud that you loved me enough to hang it on the wall.

Well, Grampa, I love you dearly. I hope this blessed you and that you have a very Happy Birthday!

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