Life Lately [According to Instagram]

Would you like to know what your looking at? Top to bottom and left to right here you go...
[1] A Jeepney, and one of my favorite kinds. I like to think of them as the gussied up ones- painted and with decals added! [2] Me and Joy. She graduated last year, and this year her mom did! [3] A sign for fresh milk. I think it might be for goat's milk. [4] A flower. Pretty and blue-ish. That is all I know. [5] Sunset!  [6] Another jeepney! [7] Students on campus 'painting' the guest unit/boys dorm...they were using old oil. It smelled after awhile. [8] Youth Camp! We promoted Nehemiah Teams so over 600 students! That's a lot!  [9]Everybody wants a water buffalo...yours is fast and mine is slow...where do you get them...ok ok it is a carabao -which is a subspecies of the domesticated water buffalo. [10] Ptr. JC, and a 2012 NT participant. [11] Clothes having on a flyover. [12] A menu from Honey Bear where if you so desire you can urder a fresh hot serving of chicken butts. (You know you want too!)

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  1. Oh LIzzie, I want to come order chicken butts! I've been looking for another random adventure to add to my list, and that might just be the one...I'll have to keep this in mind! :)


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