No Chairs, No Problem...We Got The Filipino Squat

   So, sometimes I like to highlight tidbits of culture. Today it's squatting. No chairs? No problem! Seriously, my friends can sit like this for hours and not be uncomfortable. My friends wash their clothes in this position. Sit and chitchat with an old friend. Eat dinner.
  If for some reason you are not impressed by this tidbit I double dog dare you to go sit in this position for as long as you can. And then, you might just have a new respect for what I lovingly refer to as the Filipino Squat. (Google sometimes refers to it as the Asian Squat.)

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  1. Lol - that WOULD be a crazy challenge! I bet they have the strongest thighs in the world! :) I love it when you share your tid-bits of culture! :)


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