Remembering to be....thankful!

Okay, I admit it. I am writing partly for anyone who stumbles upon it (especially anyone who has complained about doing laundry recently) and partly for myself... to help me remember how nice I have it with my washer and dryer oh yeah and that beautiful thing called running water.

    No, I am not just talking about turning a faucet with the assurance of a steady stream of water. Pump wells count as running water.   It was not uncommon for me to be carrying a bucket to the well, to have it taken from me by a friend, who understanding the situation (why I needed the bucket filled) asked "What are you going to do?...Poop or pee?" I think I will never get use to such a personal question being asked so casually...but if you want to flush a toilet with a bucket you have to make sure you have enough water. That is just practical sense. 
   Talk about the Bible coming to life. When you have to walk to the pump well to get water for bathing, washing dishes and clothes you want to go in the cool of the day. It becomes a social event. Water splashing. Lots of scrubbing. Soap suds flying. Gossip. If I were a disgraced woman I would go when I could be alone too.  
   Inside. If you have a water source that is inside your house, please count yourself as beautifully blessed! So many people have to walk to outside water sources. When I moved to the Philippines one of the first things I learned how to do was bathe outside. Yup, give me a bucket, a cup for pouring the water over my head and some soap and I am set. Fully clothed. In a group of people. Scrubbing my head. Soaping up. Ain't no big deal.  
   I hope I never forget to be thankful for a good hot strong shower taken in the privacy of a bathroom in a house. And for bathtubs! Oh the sheer joy of a good hot soak in a tub.

   Last year I spent three weeks with the Ati Tribe in Bohol. They bathed, washed, and well did other things in the river a short hike away. It was not so clean, and I could not help but wonder what had gotten in the water upstream before reaching us. 
   The fact that we take clean running water for granted speaks to our luxurious lives, sure you may filter your drinking water but I am pretty sure you are not having to share a river with...well everybody.

   Most of my friends think it's no big deal to squat over a bucket and scrub at their clothes for as long as it takes to get it clean. Me, I would much rather do the sort colors, throw in machine, and push a button than have to personally scrub each inch of clothing. When we wash, we do other things while waiting, when they wash they actually wash. 
The past 2 years-ish now, I have not had a dryer. More times than I can count I put my clothes on after showering on to realize I already smell like a campfire thanks to the many dirty (outdoor) kitchens. Or had to bobby pin a clothing article to my fan for a "fast dry."There are not enough words in this entire world to express my joy, thankfulness, and excitement over the washer and dryer that are waiting for in America. 
I hope this encourages you to live thankfully. Not because someone has it worse off, but because we have been blessed with luxuries and that is something to be thankful for...we are blessed sometimes we just have to see it with a new perspective.

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