A Goodbye, A Visit, and the Americans

 First the Goodbye

 I have moved around enough to know that there are different kinds of goodbyes. Some are easily said with a wave. Some are more like a see you later and barely even count as one. Others are not so confident- is this goodbye? Let me hug your neck just in case. Today's goodbye is different. My sweet friend Amic will begin her traveling to go work as a translator for one of the Waray Waray Teams in the Philippines. (Follow along praying the Nehemiah Teams by visiting our blog.) You see by the time she returns to be Davao, I will be very far away. 
   She has been a very good friend. A good teacher. And a great ministry partner. Amic has the gift of never meeting a stranger. Of encouraging. Of mobilizing. My prayer for my sweet friend is that she continues (Padayon Mic, that is an order!) to grow in the Lord and continues to bring others into the harvest with her. 
   As I think about my time hear coming to an end, I can only hope that God used me. I am encouraged by Lottie Moon's story, not because of her unselfish love or end to her life but because God continues to use her name to glorify Him (to bring people into the mission field) long after it had anything to do with her obedience. (She no longer toils for His name, her only effort now is to sing His praise.) I am fully convinced that I serve a God that begins a good work and continues it, and Amic, that is my prayer for you. Let God continue the good work in you. 

Me and Mic, eating the infamous Durian, the king of fruit.

 Now the Visit

    I am very fortunate to have been greatly blessed, I realize this. I praise God for it. One of my very best friends works for  Heifer International. She has a meeting in Manila. MANILA. So. Very. Close. To. Me! And got approval to come a few days early and hop down to my island. I admit to selfishly being very thankful for a visit during the midst of the end and lots of goodbyes. She comes in tomorrow, same day as the...

Me and Mags in Fort Worth, Tx right before leaving for downtown to see Little Shop of Horrors. Hate that haircut!

 The Americans are coming

   157 students were deployed from Nehemiah Teams this summer, that is A LOT of young people! I will meet 11 of them at the airport tomorrow. This is especially exciting as one of my girls from last year is a repeat. Looking forward to seeing that girl! 
   Please be faithful in praying for these young people, they are going out in obedience and stepping out into the unknown. They are young, but God wants to use them. He wants them to feed the poor. Give strength to the weak. Plant churches. And hello! Bring people into this family! He wants them to glory HIS NAME. And they can because they are HIS children.
   Yes, God wants to use them but He also wants to use YOU. I think that if you remain faithful in prayer for them you will be surprised at how specifically God answers YOUR prayers. Nehemiah Teams believes in sending young people out to preach the Gospel of Christ, but that does not mean we do not want you to get involved! Please partner with us in prayer, and look with expectant faith to what our God can do through those who have submitted to His will.

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