One-A-Day, Ways to Pray

   One hundred and fifty seven young people have been sent out and will soon be arriving in their places of ministry for the summer within the next day. What an amazing God we serve that He allows us to be a part of His ministry; that He calls us into His purpose and allows us to be used to further His kingdom. Please join me in praying for the Nehemiah Teams and Project 52 teams of 2012. Below is a list of ways to pray for the teams.

MONDAY: Courage and Focus
   Obviously it took courage for them to commit, to make the first step of going, and buy that plane ticket BUT it takes even more courage to get off the plane, live holy, and preach God’s word. Jumping off the boat is done in the excitement, the walking on water is done when focusing solely on Christ. 
   This summer will require courage to obey and focus to keep their priorities intact. Pray that they have the boldness to share God’s truth and the steadfastness to live it out; to be a living testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
TUESDAY: Team Unity
  The reason why team building is important is because team unity is tested by real life in stressful situations…usually with an audience. Add culture to the mix. The confusion of language differences and BAM you have your self a real life team unity building exercise. 
   How the team works together speaks to the truth of the gospel they are preaching. The relationships they have with each other testifies to the redeeming power of the God they are proclaiming. Everything they do whether good or bad is a representation to the people they are ministering to of what their God looks like. Please pray that they will walk humbly, live holy, and work together to glorify God.

WEDNESDAY: Strength and Power 
   One of the most beautiful aspects of the mission lifestyle is how much faith it requires. From going to the market. To sharing the truth of scripture. To remembering the prayer support being offered. It is easy to get caught up in the differences between cultures, to be overwhelmed by the poverty, or to simply become frustrated with how much harder life is when not in one’s normal surroundings. 
   Pray for them to have the strength of the Holy Spirit and the power of His Word; that when they become spiritually tired they find refuge in His  truth. The Great Commission cannot be accomplished without HIS strength and power. Please pray that the team members learn to rely on Him for everything, not just the moments of urgent despair.

THURSDAY: Sensitivity
   The Holy Spirit is like the wind you cannot see it but you see the leaves bounce around or the sand stir up from the ground. It is not enough to watch the effects of the Holy Spirit from a window looking out.
    These students have been called to go OUT to the nations and be caught up in the wind of the Holy Spirit. To be used by God to invite people into the family of God. Please pray that this summer these young people will experience the Lord in a new way that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and will continue in their obedience to God’s calling in their lives.

FRIDAY: Steadfastness
   Missions is so exciting. [Especially at first.] Learning new cultures and languages is so much fun. [At first.] Trying new foods every single day is thrilling. [Until you get sick and throw up all night.] And what exactly are those weird sounds at night? And seriously one more rejection and I am calling it quits… steadfastness is a beautiful word, one that is much harder to live out then to say.
   But let me be clear, it is not easy to be holy in America, either. Righteousness is not our natural state of motion. So, guess what? It is not any easier across the ocean surrounded by a different society mindset and culture. 
    Please pray that the summer missionaries will cling tightly to Christ and to the reminder that He is faithful to His promises. Pray that they can continue the good work that has begun and that their obedience and sacrifice will glorify our Father and be a sweet aroma going all the way to His throne in our heaven-home.
    When we plant a seed we do not simply expect it to sprout up overnight and be a towering fruitbearing tree; but the absolute craziest (okay, maybe not THE craziest) thing about the Christian faith is how God can use new believers in mighty and powerful ways!
   This is the kind of harvest we want to see in this generation. We want miracles! Will you pray for miracles with us? Ask God to give boldness to the new believers and for the Nehemiah Teams and Project 52 members to bring in a harvest unseen yet in this modern day. We serve the God of the harvest, let us live, pray, and serve like it!

SUNDAY: Time with Him
    It might be easy for them to get consumed with the task (of tending to the flocks) and forget to make time for the shepherd (and to be tended to). Or to wake up Sunday morning longing for the familiar fellowship of their home church.
    Pray that they are faithful in their quiet times; that they stop and really commune with God. Pray that God is not just the author of salvation but also their friend. Ask God to speak to them. Beg God to strengthen them. Pray that their team devotions feed their souls. Pray that they build each other up in such away that honors God. 
  Pray that when they get the chance to worship God outside of their own culture with national believers that they are able to catch that tiny glimpse of the throne with every tribe, nation, and tongue glorifying God in one voice.

Thank you for praying!

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. 
James 5:16

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