Satisfied with His Likeness

As for me, I shall behold Your face in righteousness;
I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake.
Psalm 17:15

 I traveled quite a bit this summer. Saw some absolutely beautiful places. A lot of poverty. And a lot of students on fire for God and boldly sharing His truth with the lost.
  One small thing made this summer different then the last…this year I knew people. It was encouraging to visit the different franchises all over the Philippines and see people that I had met while mobilizing for Nehemiah Teams. It felt like a progressive reunion, with each new site there were old friends.
    One in particular exciting one, was a girl from a mobilization effort that was held in Isulan. She expressed her desire to be used by God in missions. I remember her crying as she shared this burden…this calling. I remember wondering if I would see her again. If she would obey. If she would go.
   I cannot begin to express my joy when upon my arrival to Camotes Island I saw her- she had been obedient! You see sometimes in ministry/missions/obedience (really it is a matter of preference as to what you call it) you go about the task blindly; not always completely sure of how God is using your efforts.
  She wrote me after debrief, after returning home of her excitement in how she was being able to boldly share the gospel- even with her own mother. Her mother, made a decision to believe in Christ and then followed in believer’s baptism…because her daughter obeyed.
 In her letter to me she expressed her amazement at how small her sacrifice seemed compared to the joy she now owned -knowing that her mother is also her sister in Christ.
 I stand in awe of God. I stand in awe of the righteousness that I see in His people. And it is in HIS image that I take refuge. I am satisfied with seeing His truth take root in my life. In my friend’s life.
   My prayer is that you too can be satisfied with God’s likeness. Whether it is in a thoughtful act of loving-kindness, the simple act of blind faith, or the act of total submission and humility- if we are called HIS CHILDREN we have to be content to let Him complete the good work that HE has begun.
  I may not be able to promise you an easy life, success, or even happiness but I can promise a life of miracles, un-ending love, and joy unspeakable. Please, be challenged. Obey. Him. Today. And stand in awe of His likeness. Because that is Christ in you, the very hope of glory.

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