The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

   I travel around fairly often, especially in the summer, so I thought I would share with you some snapshots of my life here. I guess you can consider this the bus edition. 
   Most of the time you board the bus and find a seat. Then the conductor comes around and asks for you destination. Then you answer, and take out the smallest hole punch I have ever seen and makes a ton of holes on your ticket. He then hands the ticket to you and moves on down the aisle. Then you kind of have to decode the holes. It makes me laugh, because by the end of the day the floor looks like a parade passed through and only the confetti is left. Later the conductor comes around and collects the money. 
   I have learned to really appreciate the conductors, they are usually very helpful and very nice. And (probably because I am white/American) they always help make sure that I get off at the right place. (Which is a Godsend when I am going somewhere for the first time.)
  Chips, crackers and cookies are always easy to get. At the terminals people use (The picture above is half box and half basket) baskets and boxes that they balance on their heads to sell snacks. Eggs are never in short supply either. (Chicken and quail.) It is not uncommon to hear them in the morning yelling that they have "Hot eggs."
  When the buses stop at the terminals you buy your snacks through the windows. I was impressed with this lady's ability to hold her basket up high with one hand. I also love how they arrange the snacks so that you can see their full stock.
    Sleeping. It seems like most Filipinos have the ability to get on any type of transportation and promptly fall asleep. I wish SO MUCH, that I could do that! These two kids were sitting in the aisle (on the floor) in between their mom and me. The little girl used me as a pillow for a little while. It made me laugh, as she must have been sound asleep, as she was too shy to even look at me while she was awake.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my life!

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