Bigger Than Any If

We were sitting outside in a gazebo, the sky was threatening rain. We were about to leave for community outreach, if it rained we would get wet. If it rained there might be no children. If it rained it would be uncomfortable. And muddier than it already was. If it rained. If. So very many ifs.

I sat trying to discern the skies, would it rain. How hard would it rain? What would happen? When the team leader, sweet Brittney said we would go. Rain or not.

So we went. And it did not rain. Children came. Praise songs were sung. The story of Jesus’ birth was told. An explanation of the gospel was shared. 

I could not help but think of Samuel J Mills Jr. and his words, “We can do it if we will.”

During this summer each team has been met with many ifs, each has been given chances to make the intentional choice of building the kingdom and working for the Father’s glory. Each team has also been given opportunities to buy into the the ifs, the can'ts, and the why nots. 

This time, the if was small, a simple chance of getting caught in the rain; but I cannot help but think that it is in the day-to-day ways that we devote our lives that truly is testimony to our beliefs.

The teams have about two weeks left on the field. Many of them are tired. Dirty. Homesick. And all those ifs that distract from their purpose and goals seem louder and bigger.

Please pray for them, pray that the Nehemiah Teams around the world are stronger willed than even the biggest IF.

Ask God to let them finish strong having been carried along by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Intercede on their behalf for God’s loving kindness to be evident in their speech and behaviors. Pray that they experience joy unspeakable and that what the Bible when it refers as “streams of living water" really will "flow from within him”.

Beg God for a harvest. Pray for new believers, as they are being discipled. Ask God for leaders to be discovered from this harvest/discipleship time and put into positions of ministry where they used to bring glory to God.

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