Last Night [With Praises Added]

I have a dear friend, that loves to count up miracles. This morning as I sipped my momma's special Saturday morning brew I decided to follow my sweet Dot's example. This was more for me, than for you guys. But as many of you guys were faithful to pray for me, I hope you are also faithful to praise God with me. He is a healing God. He is worthy of our praise. And I am thankful for this opportunity to praise His name with you.

I went to close the gate, it did not latch. [Praise God. If it had been latched I would have been pinned and more likely to have had broken bones.] And it did not latch again. I tried once more. I was focused when I felt what I thought was someone  or something pressing against me –pushing me into the gate. [The car having been on an incline began unbeknownst to me to roll straight back -towards me.]

The next thing I knew I was on my back [underneath the car] looking to my left watching a wheel coming straight towards my face. I remember thinking, “I need to get to the middle.” [Praise God. I did not panic during this time and was able to process the events, outcomes, and what position I needed to be in.] And understanding that if I was unable to do so, my outcome was likely not going to be good.

Praise God for common sense however I remember making no such effort for the middle. [Praise God. No wheel went over me- the thought still gives me goose bumps.]

The next thing I knew was darkness. [I praise God for the parts of that night that I have no memory of- my bruises, cuts, and muscle soreness indicate that what passed during those moments are nothing I would want to remember anyway.] It passed over me [being underneath the car blocked any and all light on the street] and then suddenly it passed. [Praise God it kept on rolling and did not get stuck on anything in the road or on me!] [I could see the sky not just the top underneath of the car.] I stood up. [Praise God that I could stand up!] Out of sheer determination and fear that the car would roll back on me. And I started walking to the house.

I honestly did not realize what happened until it was confirmed by someone else’s screams. [Praise God someone found me quickly and was able to assist me to the house.] She helped me inside where I was given a towel for each side of my head and was told we were going to the hospital. [PRAISE GOD! Because the compression was applied so quickly all my skin was savable and no skin graphing was necessary.]
I was slightly annoyed at this.[Praise God for people to take me and make me go to the hospital.] See, I wanted to go take a shower and change before I went to the doctor. I looked down and saw the drippy trail of blood that had followed me in. I decided this was not a moment for vanity. [Three men accompanied me to the hospital, and I praise God for each one of them. We only hit one car and one mirror getting to the hospital. And Josh, the one in the backseat with me calmly held me in place during the drive and held the towels to my head for me.]

I was laying still trying not to hurt, nurses buzzing around me when I had this thought. “If I really believe God is sovereign, I have to live what I profess.” That was my peace. My God is sovereign. [I remember this as somewhat of a challenge from God. He made it clear to me that He was responsible...praise God. He speaks. He challenges. And HE is God enough to take responsibility for being sovereign.]

I lost count of how many blankets were piled up on top of me. [Praise God for blankets, nurses, and each person that helped take care of me that night.] Or how many x-rays were taken. [Praise God for the sweetest Texan gal I know being in that x-ray room with me. I was most scared in that frigid room and in the a lot pain. Her presence kept me calm. I praise God for her. ] I was able to answer some questions but thankfully much of my substitute family (aka the Family of God) were there to answer and speak for me. [Many of my friends have lived and worked in the Philippines for many years now and are all proficient in one or other of the many languages. Their ability in language helped me but was also a testimony to each of the nurses ad doctors of God's love. Why? Because when you want to show someone you love them you have say it to them in a way they can understand it..like their language.]

I am pretty dang scraped up and have around 40 [42, to be exact] stitches in my head. [My Wendy stood by me while I was being stitched up and kept her hand on me. I thank God for the comfort and calm that gave me.]  But I am alive. [Praise God for life and doctors who can do teeny tiny little stitches as to avoid scarring. AND NO FRACTURES!]

One might call this a freak accident but I believe to do so is to dismiss the sovereignty of God. Accidents are a man made product. God does nothing by mistake. [Praise His holy name!] We do not get to pick and choose when God is sovereign. He is not just the God of the harvest. He is God of the drought. He is God of the good times, the horrible times, and even the painful and terrible times. [Praise God, a bad thing happened and He was with me. I never felt forsaken.]

I slept on and off during the night. [Praise God for a bed. A private room.  And Wendy who stayed with through the night  I could still walk at this but was still was in need of a whole lot of assistance and she was very handy to have around.]

I woke up this morning in pain. A lot of it. I cried. I asked God why. [Praise God. He gave us prayer. He allows us the right of a relationship that involves conversation.]

Each of my shoulders are scraped and bruised. And across my back is a nice sized striped raw fleshed wound. (At least it feels that way.) It hurts when I lay down. It hurts as I am lying down. It pretty much just hurts. [Praise God that is almost all healed up! Life is much more comfortable!]

I struggled to sit up. [And by struggle I mean it was difficult.] I sat there cross legged crying out to God. Why? And he talked to me. [Praise God. HE TALKS!]

[I was very much in a weakened state, and truth be told if there was ever a time I was tempted to throw in the towel and give in to anger this was the moment. That morning was the most painful of my life.]

“By His stripes you are healed.” [Praise God, I had ears to hear. I began to ponder what this meant.]
 If you want to weaken someone’s resolve you know what you do? You go for their flesh. You hurt them. You whip them. You nail them to a cross. And then you give them vinegar to drink. [Think about Job, Satan ASKED for permission to strike his body saying that would make his faith cave.]
Flesh is weak. The body is dying. That is why we needed a substitute. [Praise God, my salvation does not depend on my resolve, my goodness, or on my prayers. Praise God that He reminded me that my pain was physical. My body was bruised but my soul had not been crushed. Praise God that He reminded me that even after being run over by a car and getting all the attention that goes along with that- life is NOT ABOUT ME, it is about HIM. His glory. His salvation. His name.]

That is why Jesus fully man and fully God had to die. Flesh is weak. [The natural reaction to pain is usually no very Godly...ya know what I man?] But the Spirit of the Living God is strong. Jesus did not relent. He was not mastered by the pain of the flesh rather He rose victorious over death. [Jesus did not succumb to pain. He did not become less holy. Less righteous. Or less God when He was nailed to that cross. He remained for my sin. For your sin. It was His resolve to wash away our sin that held him that cross. It was His pain and His blood that gave us fellowship with Him, the family of God, and a home in heaven. There are not enough words in this world to praise Him as fully as He deserves.]
My body may be bruised, but the hope of glory is in me. Living. My flesh might be weak, but thankfully it does not depend on me. Or the strength of my flesh. [Praise God for the Holy Spirit. Praise God for hope that is assured. Praise God for Scripture that spoke peace to my heart during that painful time.]

I am extra thankful to be alive today. [And I still am.] And am equally extra thankful to be alive in Christ –and to have been healed by HIS stripes. [ I hold a new understanding of His death, and to be honest- I feel rescued. I felt the grip of death and anger but praise God it has no hold on me. I am not a slave to my flesh. My pain did not rule me. I am not a slave to my physical comfort God fed me spiritual comfort and I abided in Him. I am not bound to sin, I am a new creation. Praise God old things are passed away and when I was 6 years old I was born again.]

[Praise God for prayers heard and answered. I felt so loved by people.
Praise God for a week to relax before flying home and in a house with people that could take care of me.

Praise God for Megan, my travel companion that lovingly took care of me all the way to Alabama.

Praise God for wheelchairs, I could not have made it without Delta's assistance.
Praise God for a van full of summer missionaries that turned around to come get me. (And or the sweet girl that called them and asked them to.)

Praise God for the girl who bought me my first meal back in the States (Spicy chicken sandwich at Chik-fil-a...YUM)!

Praise God that my momma and James were waiting for me in the parking lot of the church.
Praise God for a doctor's clinic in Alabama that allowed me just to show up and get my stitches out. Praise God for a sweet doctor that kept calling my kiddo while taking out my stitches and patiently and gently removed all 42 of them.

Praise God for the very talented hairdresser that is going to fix the situation that is the top of my head.

Praise God for friends to hug in Alabama that I knew from the Philippines.

Praise God that He is God. And that He remains. Never changing. Always God.]

*Thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed for me and to those near enough to come last night and this morning. Please continue to pray.…I have been released from the hospital and have some healing to do... and a trip back home to make. Words do nothing to express my appreciation and love for my family of God.


  1. Lizzie! I am so glad that you are alive and with no broken bones AND out of the hospital! We are praying for you. I am excited to see you again and give you a hug (though not too forcefully, I don't want to hurt you)!

    Your faith is an encouragement and I praise God for it. We will continue to be praying for you. You have our love and the love of the Lord with you.

    We are praying for your healing.

    May the peace of our Lord continue to abide with you.

  2. Wendy03:10

    How we love our Lizzie

  3. Anonymous03:43

    Lizzie, I prayed for you many times yesterday, and I am so grateful that you are gonna be okay! I gotta admit, I cried a little when I read your blog post. Thanks for letting the world know not to worry. Love you a TON, and I cannot wait until we see each other... one week, girl!

  4. Wow, Lizzie! What happened? Praying you are healing up well. You are such a blessing. Thank you for all the time you spent with Mikayla! Hugs to you and blessings on your upcoming marriage!

  5. Oh Lizzie! Thank you so much for writing this. God obviously still has plans for you here on earth. It's amazing you're alive and home from the hospital already. Our God is good.

  6. You are such a blessing Lizzie, to think I have known you since you were 6 years old. I am so glad you are ok. Blessings and speedy recovery.

  7. I love you're outlook! You have great faith and hope and such desire to point others towards God! Love ya Lizzie and so glad you're ok! We've been praying for you!

  8. I am so glad you are okay. God is good.

  9. Laura U.05:02

    Wow! I'm so glad that you are OK. I will continue to pray for your healing and a safe trip home.

  10. Anonymous09:55

    You explain yourself well even with stitches in your head! Thanks for your love and service to many in the Philippines... and even beyond! Neill Mims


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