Show someone some LOVE

    Today's society focuses a lot on self esteem, self happiness, and well pretty much anything that happens to do with the all important word SELF. It frustrates and scares me to watch Christianity tend towards the same trend. We overfeed ourselves spiritually and then stay within our comfort zones. We talk a lot about God's blessings but we do not share them with our neighbors.
   Christianity is more than just tending to our own relationship with Christ. It is more than just realizing that Christ loves 'me'. Jesus' strength and the hope are not luxuries meant to be taken advantage of or 'extras' added into the package. Jesus did not die so that you could remain content and quiet in His love.
    In fact, without hesitation I can say that unless we are living out "Jesus loves YOU" we are not living worthy of the calling. Actually that is the calling. That is the life. Not, Jesus loves ME. Rather, Jesus loves YOU.
   Jesus being made in human form demonstraed God's love for mankind by being obedient to death, even to death on the cross. Through His death brought victory of sin and death to those who call upon Jesus' holy name for salvation.
   Do something today that demonstrates that Jesus' love for another. Do not only profess His name with your words, LIVE IT OUT. Humilate yourself for the gospel. Speak boldly about Christ as Savior. Show people God's love with acts of kindness.
   No matter how small or unimportant a task may seem do it for the love of Jesus and for the glory of the Father's holy name. But realize also that love is a matter of the heart and not simply an action or a process -to live like Jesus loves you have to really believe He actually does in fact...LOVE.
   May God's love be evident in the lives of HIS followers.

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