My friend, Hannah

I might be back in the States, but don't worry. I will not stop asking for prayer! Today, I want to introduce my friend, Hannah, tell you a little about what she does, and ask you to pray with me for her as she serves in the Philippines.

This is Hannah. And the Philippines' flag.

Hannah is serving as a journeyman in the Philippines.  One way that Hannah meets students it by teaching an conversational English classes. The curriculum is designed to teach Biblical truths and provide her with the opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel with the students at the school.

Before I left the Philippines, I had the opportunity to visit Hannah and actually get to go to class with her. Look, here she is teaching!

The neatest aspect (to me, anyway) about Hannah's ministry is that she is able to share the Gospel and then spend time discipling those who become Christians. Teaching is really just one way to meet students, she will also be sharing at schools, setting up Bible studies with willing participants, and teaching seminars. 

Here's how you can pray for Hannah...

Relationships. Pray that she makes friends with people who are ready to respond to the Gospel. Sometimes that means a person is open to talking in that given moment, or that they are willing to set up a Bible study, while other times it means they are ready to accept Christ on the spot. Please pray that God gives her lots of friends with open ears! Pray for students' lives to be changed because of their friendship with Hannah!

Language & Culture. The funny thing about a day off of work in a foreign country is that you do not get a day off from the fact that you in a foreign country. Sometimes the day-to-day stress of being in  a new social context can be taxing. Pray for Hannah's language skill and cultural awareness, that she can acclimate and truly enjoy life in the Philippines.

Students. Please pray for her students. Pray that they come to class (it is not a required course) wanting to learn. Pray that understand the material and that the Biblical truths taught penetrates their hearts. Pray for students to make professions of faith.

Encouragement. Pray for Hannah to be encouraged. Ask God to guide and lead her. It is so easy to feel alone in a foreign country, pray that God gives her friends that she can recharge with and enjoy their company. Pray that she allows Jesus to be her friend and companion and to lean deeply into the everlasting and always loving arms of her Savior!

And here is proof, she really is my friend! 

Love you Hannah!

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