Choosing. Unity.

Over and over again the theme of God’s voice  have been choosing. Choosing to be holy. Choosing to live redeemed. Choosing to kindness. Choosing love.

Choosing to not stress. Choosing to trust.

Choosing to live like I have been saved. A rescued prisoner does not stay captive. But somehow living in freedom is a bit more of a discipline than I thought.

I would love to say that I am so mature in Christ that choosing holiness was a piece of cake. A natural reaction. Alas, I am a new creation that sometimes slips into my old self’s habits.

 But truthfully I know I am not alone. God kept bringing to mind a verse that hangs in many of my friends’ houses. “But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15”

Whenever God brings to mind a verse, I am always curious about the context of it. So, I looked it up, and found Joshua speaking to all the tribes of Shechem, and all the elders, leaders, judges and officials of Israel.

He begins by saying, “This is what the Lord says” which is important, because you know then that God is speaking through him. And then continues basically through a history of salvations and victories that only belonged to them because they had the power of the one true God on their side.

He concludes by telling the people they have a choice between the God that has proven faithful and victorious and the defeated gods of their ancestors.

The people then respond saying they would not forsake God. And testify to what the Lord has done in their lives. 

He then warns them of the consequences of forsaking God. And now we are about to get to is what really stuck out to me from this passage he then says that they are all witnesses against each other to serve the Lord.

I don't know about anyone else but I see a command here. Good for the Israelites and still good and right for us today.

Accountability. But not just the shake your finger condemning-ly-like but honest to truthfulness testifying to God’s goodness accountability.

How many times do we as Christians justify our bad behavior by recognizing the fact that we are not in as deep as so-and-so? How often do we allow a brother in Christ to continue a small sin because we are worried about what he will point out in our life? How often do we add to our own sin when we chose to gossip about a friend instead of serving him/her?

I cannot help but think that if we refer to the church as God’s house and if we are so bold as to call ourselves the family of God. Their should be less gossip and more “Ain’t God good!” More talk about Him, and less sinning against Him.

It is not my job to condemn sin. Or to restore my friend’s lost faith. But it is my job to praise my God so loud they hear me. It is my responsibility to use words and remind them of God’s Word. 

It is my goal to live a life that brings friends back to right standing with God.

If we, the body of Christ, claim His inheritance we must strive to protect it. Not because it is in danger but to testify to the beautiful gift Christ laid His life down for...the body of Christ.

And, oddly enough. Surprisingly, to me. It comes down to unity.

Each man chooses for himself what god to serve. But once the true God is professed we are meant to work together in unity for His kingdom.

Choosing holiness. Choosing Godly behavior. Choosing to live a redeemed life. Being kind. Tenderhearted. Forgiving one another. Together. All at the same time.

That is the kind of house I want to live in! The kind of body I want to be a part of! The kind of revival I want to hear about.

Choosing together to be like Christ. Focused only on His glory. Determined to share His salvation.

May His kingdom come. This day. In our hearts and lives.

May we serve Him with less sin, and more talk of Him. And His loving kindness.

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