God provides. Be holy. Pray for a revival.

    God provides. It is a simple statement. Only two words. But it holds much truth and when spoken by God’s children it holds not only a depth of meaning but a plethora of testimony and experience.
    I admit to becoming a bit wrapped up in worry over the election and the economy. It seemed like everyone was, so I guess I just jumped on the bandwagon.
   Thanks to social media many people shared their thoughts. I saw one status asking friends to vote for who would build up the economy and asking them to forget about their 'moral differences'. This idea made my heart cringe.
     When America’s Christians get so wrapped up in economy that they lose their moral standards, that is a day to be mourned.
   When I hear about the economy getting worse in my mind I go to my childhood home; where money lost value overnight, a month’s pay afforded a person only a bag of rice, and if you didn’t have your healthcare card you died on the street outside of the hospital.
    I have seen corruption and fallen governments. Poverty. This might be too strong of a statement but I am a bit tired of listening to Christians whine about lost investments and luxuries when they still have more than enough food to eat, a house to shelter them, and freedom to share the God's truth with their neighbors.
   I do not know what will fix the economy from springing a leak and becoming what so many other nations have become. Third world. But I can say this, if we as Christians start worrying about pleasing God as much as we worry about the economy and our own comforts we will remember a simple truth. God provides. 
    Now, hear me on this. I am not saying not to be an involved citizen. I am asking you to remember who your God is and live accordingly. Do not let you worries or desires become idols that distract you from God. I am asking you to be a testimony of redemption, hope, and love. I am reminding myself that my faith is not in any establishment, country, or president. But in Christ alone. 
And I am challenging you to be as concerned with where America is morally as you are with where she is economically. I am asking you to... 
Repent and Change
2 Chronicles 7:14 
   If God's people will humble themselves, turn away from their wickedness, and seek His face- God will hear their prayers. This is a call to humiliate yourself by doing the unnatural and turning away from your sin and seeking to be like Christ. 
    We no longer live in a nation that hands out pats on the back for living right or good. Being a Christian is not about being as godly as your most godly friend- it is about seeking God's face. Being a Christian is about knowing who He really is and living worthy of His name.
   It is the forgiveness of sin that healed the land, not a political party. This has to start in your heart. This is not a point your finger at your finger scenario. This is you between you and God. It is personal.

Be Holy
1 Peter 1:16
   Be holy because God is holy. Not because your pastor is, or because your neighbor is, or because that is what is expected of you at church- be holy because God expects it. Be holy when you are alone. In front of a group. Be holy all the time. And don't just be holier than the world- read the Bible and live out the holiness that you read.

Stop Worrying, Start Praying 
  Do not worry about anything, instead beg God and thank Him. When you find yourself talking about a problem more than praying, realize that you are in direct opposition to the Scriptures. I try to let the Spirit guide me with my worries, as soon as I start worrying I start praying.
   Pray and confess your sin. Pray and sincerely thank God for your meal. Your car.  Your family. Your life. Get on your knees before the Lord and pray for the elected officials. You may think that your vote was worthless and unheard but if you are God's child you can rest assured that your prayer is heard. And powerful.

Rid Yourself of Distractions
    This is a story of a man who loved his possessions more than Jesus. He loved the security and power of owning over the beauty of belonging to the family of God. I am not asking you to go sell all your stuff, but I am asking you, to ask yourself “What would your reaction be if God stripped you of all your possessions?” The rich young ruler missed out on an eternal home because he loved his temporal one too much. Is your love for the material keeping you from living your faith out? 

Do not worry about what you will eat or drink for God knows your needs and will provide. Here is something to remember: God provides for His children in good AND bad economies. Through droughts. Famines. He might provide mana, and you might wish for the meat in Egypt but make no mistake, He is God the Father and He will provide for His family.

And Obey
Pretty straight forward. If you love Jesus you obey Him. You will repent of your sin, turn from you wicked ways, and live a holy and redeemed life focused on glorifying Him. You will share His truth with others. You will love others as Christ has loved you. What sins are you turning away from that show you love the Lord? What step of obedience are you taking that show you love Jesus?
    And I suppose in conclusion, what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Biblical concepts…(Matthew 6:33) seek His kingdom (You know, the whole 'on earth as it is in heaven' prayer) and His righteous, (This is not just about salvation people, but a life/heart/mind transformation.) and all these things will given to you. 
      Please realize that over and over again in Scripture God cares about how his people act. He does not tolerate idols. He expects His children to be humble, to stop sinning, and to have faith in Him. He wants us to live -not by the standards of this world- but of the ones of His kingdom. 
I pray for America, but I am much less concerned with her economy and much more concerned with her loves. I pray for a revival in this land, not just to heal the land but to restore hearts. My concern is not what will I eat in the troubled days ahead, no my concern is that the children of America hear the Word of God and can choose for themselves whom to serve. 
Please, brothers and sisters, pray with me. Have faith with me. Testify with me to the goodness of God, and for the love of God let us be boldly Christ-like.

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